AudioMixer Demo: using low budget War of the Worlds SF/X

Quickie demo, illustrating (a) use of a relatively simple Java AudioMixer class, (b) use of a ClipTrack designed after a Java Clip, but including varispeed and overlap, (c) a goofy little "RayGun" utility using FM synthesis.

All the sounds on this Applet are being mixed and sent out via a single SourceDataLine. The SDL will be Java's "best guess" (default) but can be optionally specified via the "Options" MenuBar dropdown in the top left corner.

All the bombs/gunfire are being generated from a ClipTrack using a one-second long .wav recording of a single gunshot. The 'bombs' are played with lowered pitch settings. For the "Machine Gun", a loop of 5 play() commands is executed in quick succession, separated by Thread.sleep(88) pauses.

Feedback can be made at this link at The link also contains much of the source code. A heads-up, though: the code is actively being worked on, looking for more efficiencies and capabilities.

If you have trouble (especially if via Linux), a good try is to select a different output line, via the "Options" MenuBar dropdown in the top left. I would very much appreciate learning about any problems, if you have a moment to send an email.

Thanks for giving this a try!